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At UserWise you can create survey campaigns, adding and customizing questions and setting up targeting details. You can also add and edit new apps and manage users.

The flow was created based on close collaboration with the client, explaining technical nuances of the product and providing rough wires which I could improve and turn into high-fidelity designs.

App design

Website design

The website was created to give an overview of the product and grant user an ability to get a product demo. 


Beta-access request

Placeholder beta request

This page was a placeholder before the actual website was launched.


We wanted to keep the inheritance and show a connection between brands so I used palette similar to TheoremReach, but now the core color is blue and the other ones are secondaries.

Logo design

UserWise logo was created after 2 round of sketches based on the clients' preferences. We explored different concepts symbolizing user research.

Finally we got to the DNA idea which means that we know our users on any level.

Final version


Header illustration was created based on my concept with the precious assistance of Fireart Studio illustrators team.

While illustrating, I was aspiring to clean, light and trustworthy feeling with bright colours and modern stylish hand-drawn accents.

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