Email collecting

Before we started designing the main landing page client asked about creating a quick placeholder for collecting emails of the potential customers.



Then I moved to the wireframing stage. We had a lot of iterations trying to understand the clients' needs and display a copy in the best possible way. We also decided to merge this stage with illustration sketching so we have an idea how to natively  incorporate graphics in the design.

Style exploration

The client provided really nice brandbook so I created a few quick style explorations with both illustration and stock imagery matching the brand and setting a visual direction for the design. 


Website design

Finally we decided to go with header #2 and built the rest of the page based on it. Bright bold style oriented on young generation is explaining how the product works and attract new users.

About us

Illustration sketches

I've created a few sketches with diverse students. We were consulting with the Fireart illustration team and planned to use these on the page. But finally we agreed to use imagery provided by client's internal team.

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