It started from...

When Alexandra decided to create a blogger school, it started as a chat with a few lectures in Telegram messenger. Then I accepted the challenge to create an online platform.

Logo design

Clients wanted to keep the unicorn - the symbol they've chosen previously. So I provided a few sketches of how it may look like.

Final version

Finally we decided to go with geometric logo imitating an origami art.


The main trick was the cyrillic naming. There aren't much cool cyrillic fonts. So I took Code Pro and adjusted non-cyrillic letters manually.


H1 - Proxima Nova Bold 48px 

H2 - Proxima Nova Regular 36px

Body text - Proxima Nova Light 18px


Cyrillic websites are feeling lack of choice for good fonts, so I was exploring many of them to find something that fits. Finally we agreed on Proxima Nova - classic sans-serif that fits interfaces perfectly.


The homepage tells a story of the project. Who are the owners, what do they teach, why you should choose their course.

Course purchasing

When purchasing, user redirects to the external payment system by Yandex and gets prominent message about their payment status.


My courses

I've created different statements for "My courses" tab: user can subscribe for the newsletter about new course if nothing is available for now.


The most important part was the homework. Each lecture includes practical excersizes, which must be submitted through the Instalogiya platform to get feedback from the teachers.

User can provide links, descriptions and photos depending on the task.


Sign up

My account

In "My account" user can manage the purchased course. They have an access to chats, lectures and homeworks with progress tracking.

Mobile version

The design in responsive and works on each device type. The main user traffic for the course was based on Instagram ads, so being mobile-friendly is really important.

Let's work on something awesome together!