Explain Ninja


Explain Ninja is an animated video production company with rich traditions. Their field is help the brands to reach the desirable level. 
Project type: Studio internal project
Who worked on the project: Barbara Morrigan
What I worked on: Web design, Illustration

Website redesign

​I've been working as a part of Explain Ninja team and noticed that our website became outdated and not very easy to navigate. So I spent some time on creating new visual identity for the brand.

Old version

The old one was sweet, but the content was really poorly structured. Generally it's just a bunch of plain text which is hardly to read.


New design has visual hierarchy, bright new branding and tasty icons. Content is now structured logically and much more easy to consume.


Works are now displayed as a big beautiful tiles showing video previews made by amazing studio illustrators.


Pricing page was the most important part of work. Old page had a table which is informative but quite hard in terms of perception.

New version separates each plan and displays some key features like visual complexity or voiceover language.




What I've learned from this project

The idea of the redesign was to keep all the content useful from SEO-perspective and add some soul to the project. Because
explainers are fun so user needs to feel it from the first glance!

Unfortunately this project is on hold because of high workload in studio. Some key features were still implemented.

Let's work on something awesome together!


I'm based in Warsaw, PL and looking for full-time remote offers, preferably from the United States.

I'm also opened for relocation.

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