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Embarking on thrilling creative adventures for more than 9 years, I am often likened to an intrepid explorer in the world of design. My diverse skill set encompasses graphic design (print, ads, decks, and beyond), web design, branding (logo and identity), illustration, 3D, and animation. I eagerly embrace any imaginative quest that comes my way.


About Me

I'm currently based in 📍 Warsaw, Poland. My clients  and friends are spread all over the world.

Plans for the future: my clients and friends are spread all over the galaxy!

  • Talk Less, do More
    I value my time and the time of people I'm working with. I prefer no unnecessary meetings and a lot of focus time for the real result. I do my best to get familiar with all the project details and provide the same for the team via presentations, task managers, written explanations and Loom videos. I enjoy good communication but firstly "Talk less — do more" is one of my key principles.
  • Be Human
    Staying human is the most important principle in all aspects of my desings. I create things not only to work well but to bring people joy. I always refer to customer's inner adult and inner child at the same time so they get a uniquie and memorable experience.
  • Be Honest
    I'm always honest and I expect the same. I would never do a thing just to look busy and get paid — if any project feature is good as is I will do a honest recommendation to leave it be. At the same time I won't be shy to tell if something is not working and needs to be fixed. On the other hand you can always tell me if we're out of budget, if you feel any insecurities about how the project is going or give any straightforward feedback. I care about soft and professional communication where everyone is polite and nice. But we must speak the truth on both sides.
  • Be a Team Player but Keep Independency
    I love working with a great teams however I'm very strong in my independency. I will always look through documentation and do a proper googling before bothering team or client with any questions. This helps me and my colleagues to save a lot of time which can be spent on creating great things.
  • Do Good Things
    I work with agencies that inspire me. I work on projects that fascinate me. I work with good people. I do things to change the world, not only make money. You too? We're make a good team together.
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